Polyteia & Circula: a fine success story

By Alexandre Kantjas  -  Jul 29,   2020



How Circula helped government tech start-up Polyteia regain control over its company expenses.

The challenge

The Polyteia team travels regularly to cities across Germany to meet with city leaders. Headquartered in Berlin but with its Finance team based in Munich, the company rapidly realized that managing expenses was becoming a burden. In particular, the team faced the following issues:


⏳ Time-consuming procedure: Team members were submitting expenses by entering information in a spreadsheet and scanning receipts with the company printer. Submitted expenses were then checked one by one manually. The process ended up consuming precious time every month.

✍️ Frequent manual mistakes: Manual mistakes in submitted expense reports were common. Most of the time the Finance team could not correct them before double-checking with the employee first.

📣 Inefficient communication: The remote Finance team was using different communication channels to chase employees for missing information or receipts.


The solution

Polyteia started using Circula in January 2018 and since then processes all of the company's travel expenses through it. There are 3 benefits that Circula provides to Polyteia:


✅ Simple process: Travelling employees can submit expenses on the go; managers get reminded of expenses that need their approval and can approve or reject expenses in one click; Accounting now controls and exports all expenses with one tool.


Time saved on accounting: The amount of work required to process expenses for the Finance team has been reduced to less than an hour per month.


Streamlined communication: The company now relies on Circula automatic reminders and built in communication channels to handle all expense-related communication.


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Alexandre Kantjas

Alexandre is Head of Operations and one of the oldest team members at Circula. He has been working intensively with digital accounting issues for several years and is advancing them daily with his Customer Success Team.