New Product Features - October & November 2020

By Adam Ghazalin  -  Dec 7,   2020



In October and November our product team worked on making Circula more user-friendly and intuitive by adding several new and useful features. We’re always open to receiving feedback from our customers to provide a software that can be used by them and their companies in the best way possible. In this article, you’ll find an overview of the newest features available.

New OCR Workflow Now Available in the Web-App

To make scanning receipts and submitting expenses even easier and faster, we’ve introduced a new OCR technology to our web-app. When uploading a receipt, our software will automatically detect and fill in the details from the receipt, such as the merchant, date, amount & currency. All you have to do is double check the information and submit your expense. Our product and engineering team works currently on a new OCR technology available for mobile, too. We will keep you updated. This is how it looks now in the web-app:

Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 7.04.01 PM

Custom Fields

We made it possible to add custom fields to expense categories, trips, and mileages, and filling in these fields can be either mandatory or optional. These fields can have a dropdown list or simply be free text, allowing the submitter to type in whatever they like. This feature can prove useful, for example, when companies want to keep track of license plates when users are submitting mileages. Make sure to contact our customer success team and let them know you’d like to implement this feature.


Duplicate Detection for Trips

Accountants will now be notified when the same user submits two trips with overlapping times. Accountants that can view all the expenses of a company can then view the duplicates and decide whether or not they’d like to reject the expense. The duplicate detection will be based only on the dates and times, to make sure that the same user doesn’t hand in per diems twice.


Mandatory Attendees

Users can now be required to specify attendees when submitting expenses that fall under specific categories and are for specific entities. This is a custom feature for companies, so please let our customer success team know that this is a feature you’d like to have.


Travelers Can Split Expenses Between Different Projects

It’s now possible for travelers to split an expense, per diems, and mileages between several projects. Submitters can also specify the different percentages that each project should have. Accountants and supervisors won’t have to do anything since they’ll receive the expense already split. If a traveler is visiting several clients on a business trip, then they can split the final per diems respectively between the different projects. This way it can be ensured that clients are charged accordingly.



Mileages for Slovakia and the Czech Republic

We have two new localizations. Users in Slovakia and the Czech Republic can now submit mileages, for which the rates will be calculated in accordance with each country’s rules. Submitters can also fill in the vehicle’s average fuel consumption according to the vehicle’s manufacturer, as well as the price of the fuel per liter. To make the submission process more efficient, it’s also possible to reuse information from previously submitted mileages. Also, accounts in Slovakia and Czech Republic can change their app language to Czech or Slovak in the account settings.

For some users these product updates mean everything, for others less. It doesn't matter whether you make small steps every month or big steps every year. Our vision is and remains to develop a great, intuitive and state-of-the-art accounting app that helps both accountants and employees to manage their travel costs and expenses in the most effective way possible. Happy submitting, Circulators!


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Adam Ghazalin

Adam joined Circula in September 2020 as a marketing intern. He's currently doing his bachelor in international business management here in Berlin.