Corona - The unpleasant wake-up call

By Greta Pfiz  -  Jul 29,   2020



Behind every crisis, there is always a chance. Everyone can be a game-changer now. COVID-19 has wrapped the world in a veil of worries and affected societies and businesses around the world severely. But it also sets the hare running and paves the way for our industry to move forward and proactively shape the future. 

Right now, we are experiencing a paradigm change in record time

While some might worry that the requirement of social distancing results in a major difficulty for continuing business with the same productivity, others recognize the opportunity behind this challenge. An opportunity that forces us to rethink our way of working and redesign ourselves in a constantly changing environment. Until this point, Germany missed to adapt to the digital age. Outdated solutions and companies with a “digital laziness” were characteristic of Germany’s otherwise strong economy. But in recent times, a massive amount of companies have to digitize their work processes intensively to keep their business running. The system shift is unstoppable and those who are keen enough to take their time to rethink working models and to implement new products and tools will probably emerge more efficiently than before. With an increase of 50%, more and more companies rely on video conferencing and use digital tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Hangouts  or Slack to continue communication (internetworld). 


How are we dealing with this situation?

At Circula, we are grateful for tools like slack, google hangouts and tandem that empower us to continue working productively. Video conferences allow us to discuss current topics, we arrange daily meetings and on Fridays, we enjoy our TGIF chats - our time to socialize with colleagues. Now, our office is more digital than ever. Although we are not in direct contact anymore, virtual meetings create a working environment where strong communication and collaboration is still possible.


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Let us defeat our digital boundaries

Thinking further, digitization efforts are not only overdue in business communication. Various administrative processes need to become digital and paperless. This applies on a small scale, affecting business processes and management, as well as on a large scale, since administrative tasks in communities, local authorities and education could become digital and thereby reduce effort and time. Let us focus on the positive outcomes of this crisis and think of new ways to work, life, travel, manage and educate. Noticing the benefits of digital technologies for our business operations, we want to make a special shoutout to all those who cannot rely only on digital tools and need to get in social contact to continue their work. We acknowledge the great work of all doctors, nurses, politicians and other system relevant workers, who do everything within their power to fight COVID-19. 


We are change agents - are you too? 

Greta Pfiz

Greta studies International Business at the ESB Business School, a faculty of Reutlingen University. Since the beginning of 2020, she is co-responsible for content marketing at Circula.