Spring-Update: new product features & new website

By Greta Pfiz  -  Jul 29,   2020




We've got exciting news for you!

While the first months of 2020 passed by, our Product & Engineering Teams have put in all their effort to work on some exciting product updates. Find out what has changed recently! We hope our product updates help you become even more efficient with your travel expenses. 🛠️

Also, we are thrilled to announce that we went live with our new website and branding: www.circula.com 🚀


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Our product updates

Duplicate detection Duplicate Detection (Professional Plan) 

Managing a big amount of expenses can be tricky. We are now bringing our intelligent duplicate detector to accountants. Our algorithm identifies identical receipts by checking new receipts submitted in real-time against all receipts in the system.


single sign on Single Sign-On (Professional Plan) 

We are reducing the burden of login for our users. Meaning that you are now able to sign in with your Google Sign-In, Microsoft Active Directory and Okta account. Your IT-department will love us. 


International per diems 3-month-rule (Professional Plan) 

The German tax law states that employees traveling for longer than 3 months to the same location (e.g. client, branch, etc.) can’t receive per diems anymore without that the employer pays taxes for them. Keeping this rule in mind is creating a lot of work for accountants. But not anymore: we have built a smart algorithm that is flagging trips that are falling under this condition. 


Expense Folder jpg   Expense Folder 

Now you can group all your expenses into one folder. This way your team can oversee the total costs (e.g. event, monthly report, benefits).


Transparency  Expense Tracking 

We have updated our expense status tracking to give submitters better insights about the remaining steps in the process before they can look forward to their reimbursement.  

  • In review: the expense has been submitted but is pending either approval from the supervisor, controlling from the accountant, or both.
  • Approved: The expense has been approved and controlled and is ready for export.
  • On its way: The expense has been fully processed and exported by the accountant. 

Automated processing Automatic mileage calculation in web app 

Submitting mileages in our web app just got easier: we have integrated Google Places so you don’t have to check the distance manually anymore.


Forward PDF invoices via e-mail  Updated PDF review and zooming 

We have implemented the possibility to view multiple page PDFs and improved the zooming behavior.


Discover our new website 

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We are thrilled to announce that we went live with our new website and branding: www.circula.com. 🚀


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Greta Pfiz

Greta studies International Business at the ESB Business School, a faculty of Reutlingen University. Since the beginning of 2020, she is co-responsible for content marketing at Circula.