CEO of omni:us reports her experiences with Circula

By Alexandre Kantjas  -  Jul 29,   2020



When omni:us looked to simplify its internal expense management process, the company decided to implement Circula.


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The challenge

At omni:us, travel expenses used to be managed via an excel template shared with employees. The system, which relied on employees making sure they submit the appropriate information, quickly found its limits:

  • Unreadable documentation: scans of receipts were often unreadable, making the verification of the submitted information impossible.
  • Incorrect calculations in submitted expenses: employees were adjusting the Excel template and calculations based and on their own interpretation and understanding of the rules. As a result, the Accounting team would often need to re-do these calculations entirely. For per diems, the team was using online sources to check their calculations.
  • Failing approval process: getting expenses approved required several days and multiple reminders, as there was no real process in place and as founders and supervisors are most of the time on the road.

As a result, expense management ended up becoming this frustrating and time-consuming process that needed addressing.


The solution

After evaluating different software solutions, omni:us implemented Circula. The expense management process is now clearly defined between stakeholders:

  • Submission: Employees scan and submit their expenses using the mobile and/or the web app.
  • Approval: Supervisors get notified to approve expenses as they occur.
  • Controlling: The Accounting team can check expense information and validate VAT rates, cost centers and cost units.
  • Export: Once finished, expenses are imported into DATEV and sent for additional check to the company's tax consultant.
  • Reimbursement: employees get reimbursed for expenses they payed using their own means.


The benefits

  • Readable submissions: whether scanned receipts or forwarded PDF invoices, submissions are now easy to read and control.
  • Correct calculations: totals, per diems and cost allocations are automatically calculated by Circula.
  • Built-in approval flows in Circula solve the prior issue with getting one's expenses approved.
  • Quick Support: when they have any question around expense management or using Circula, omni:us employees reach out to the support team and quickly get answered.


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Alexandre Kantjas

Alexandre is Head of Operations and one of the oldest team members at Circula. He has been working intensively with digital accounting issues for several years and is advancing them daily with his Customer Success Team.