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By Alexandre Kantjas  -  Jul 29,   2020



German banking service provider figo shares how implementing Circula transformed how its employees now submit their expenses.


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The challenge

Like many companies, Figo had an existing expense management process in place that “worked” on the surface but was actually causing internal headaches. Expenses were submitted through an online form specifically built in-house for the purpose, with the following issues:


  • Complexity of use: The form required employees to create a copy of their receipts by their own means (using their phone or the company printer) and then upload receipts. Since the form was impossible to use on the phone screen, employees would generally start with their phone to take a picture and then send it to their laptops to finish the process.
  • Regular maintenance: The form regularly broke, forcing employees to submit their expenses again, and as a result had to be maintained internally multiple times.
  • No transparency on expense status: Because it was unreliable, employees used to set reminders to ask accounting about the status of their submitted expenses and ensure that these had been received by them in the first place.


The solution

Figo implemented Circula to improve the expense submission process for its employees. There are 3 benefits that Circula provides to Figo:


  • Mobile submission: Figo’s mobile workforce now submit their expenses as they occur using the Circula mobile app. No more hassle switching between their phones and laptops.
  • All in one solution: With one tool, Circula covers the entire expense management process and all types of expenses: receipts, mileages and per diems.
  • Full transparency: Every employee now knows in real-time the status of his submitted expenses by simply opening the Circula mobile app.


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