Case study about casavi: field report of the proptech company

By Alexandre Kantjas  -  Jul 29,   2020



How Circula ended PropTech company casavi's search for an optimal expense management solution.


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The challenge

Casavi, the Munich-based cloud solution for digital property management, has been looking for an all-in-one expense management solution compliant with the German market. Most of the tools they evaluated could not match the following requirements:


  • ⚖️ Full solution compliant with German tax law: the team wanted a tool that would not only cover the process for submitting receipts, but also other kinds of travel expenses their employees would submit, such as mileages and per diems. The rates used for the calculation would need to reflect the rules from the Bundesministerium der Finanzen.


  • ⚙️ Compatibility with accounting system: like most German SMEs, casavi uses DATEV Unternehmen Online as accounting system. A core requirement for the expense management tool was to seamlessly transfer the expense data including all receipts to DATEV.


The solution

casavi switched to Circula to improve the experience expense management for its employees. There are 3 main benefits that Circula provides to casavi:


✅ All expenses types covered: casavi employees now have one tool to submit not only receipts, but also mileages and per diems.


✅ Optimized to match German tax law requirements: Circula ensures that the rules for submission, per diem and mileage calculation, as well as data storage and archiving, all comply with the standards set by the Bundesministerium der Finanzen and the German tax regulation.


✅ DATEV compatible: Circula’s DATEV-XML file allows accountants to import all receipts and booking data directly into their financial accounting. All fields are pre-filled in DATEV so the accountants don’t have to do any double work.

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Alexandre Kantjas

Alexandre is Head of Operations and one of the oldest team members at Circula. He has been working intensively with digital accounting issues for several years and is advancing them daily with his Customer Success Team.